The weekend…

Journey of my life...

tango stevie nicks by barbara

The weekend is almost here, which means kitty farm and rehearsal, two things I love!

They say you have to find your true path in life, and mine is Music and Animals.

I also love creating beautiful things…so I am going to find a way to work this all together!

Wishing you a beautiful day, there is rain here, watering our beautiful trees and plants.



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Stevie Nicks Rock A Little Hair Project

Journey of my life...

SO, for our next show, I am going full out ROCK A LITTLE HAIR.

BIG as I can get it!

Take a look at this video, the last 8 seconds or so…that is SO rock and roll and SO Stevie…


Lots of photos and videos of course, I will be working on it for the next 8 days to perfect!

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